So I’m listening to some songs right now that I’ve been working on recording for two years, with my good friend, Patrick Graves. This process really is amazing. There were days where it felt like it was getting nowhere… where I wondered if we ever really would finish. There were days when I wondered how in the world we would make it work… Could my voice hit those notes? Could I play electric guitar like that? Could I play the piano on time with the track? Were these even good songs? Who would listen to them???

But as I’m listening back I’m pretty pleased. They are by far the best recordings I’ve done yet. And that’s really what we hope for as musicians, I think. I want to see progress. There’s a knowing that I haven’t really “arrived” at some state of perfection, in my playing, in my songwriting, in my performing. But I can look back at the last record I recorded, or pull up a youtube video from 2008, and honestly say that I know I’ve improved since then.

I like that.

Also, I just spent a couple weeks in India in February. Here’s a teaser photo, taken by the talented Shine Phinao:


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