Roger Jaeger
In 2005, Oklahoma native, Roger Jaeger moved to India where he fell in love with the sitar, after being inspired by a track by Jeff Buckley. Roger developed a strong devotion and passion for India, its people, and its culture, and the sitar started bleeding its way into his modern Coldplay-esque sound.
Released in November of 2015, Roger’s third record, “Start Over” reflects the sentiments and convictions Roger has gathered along his personal journey of discovery. With the addition of the sitar, and the stories behind the instrument, an unexpected edge of cultural character is captivating audiences everywhere.
With musical influences ranging from One Republic and The Fray to Jimmy Eat World and Gotye, “Start Over,” strikes the perfect balance between the relatable commercial sounds of pop radio and some of the most out of the box, creative instrumentation Indie music has to offer. It is an inspiring and refreshing piece of musical art.
In the past year, Roger made his debut on both college and commercial radio stations across the US. He followed the radio play with the release of a music video for the title track of the record. In 2016, Roger also signed 15 sync licenses for the “Start Over” record with major television networks, like Discovery, MTV and NASCAR.  A second music video for the fan favorite, “Elevator” will be released this year.
2017 holds a lot of promise for Roger, with an Australian tour in February, a Texas tour including the Red Gorilla Festival in Austin this March and the development of a new record just to name a few. A California tour and another music video are in the works as well.


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