Roger Jaeger

Roger Jaeger’s reputation precedes him. While it’s easy to be captivated by this Oklahoma native’s smooth vocal tone and introspective original lyrics, it’s the combination of what you hear, and who Roger is as a person, that makes him a must-see.

In 2005, Roger moved to India, where he learned to make the perfect cup of chai. More importantly, it was that year he fell in love with the sitar, after being inspired by a track on Jeff Buckley’s “Grace.” Roger developed a strong devotion and passion for India, its people, and its culture, and the sitar started bleeding its way into his modern Coldplay-esque sound.

While in India, Roger nearly lost his life when he suddenly became seriously ill with ulcerative colitis. After spending some days in the hospital in New Delhi, and then continuing the healing process for several years back in the US, Roger developed a renewed sense of purpose, and his music took on a whole new meaning.

His debut release “Sunrise” (2004) and his sophomore record “Beacon” (2013), both shared a recurring theme of light. His third release carries a thread of hope as well. Released in November of 2015, “Start Over” reflects the sentiments and convictions Roger has gathered along his personal journey of discovery. With the addition of the sitar, and the stories behind the instrument, an unexpected edge of cultural character was born. Enlisting the help of San Diego based producer, Ryan Poole, together the two beautifully paired Roger’s guitar driven pop sound with musical influences ranging from One Republic, Jonny Lang, Foo Fighters and Sting to Jimmy Eat World, Gotye and Sam Smith.  “Start Over,” strikes the perfect balance between the relatable commercial sounds of pop radio and some of the most out of the box, creative instrumentation Indie music has to offer. It is an inspiring and refreshing piece of musical art.

Roger shares his music worldwide, (Follow him on, FB, Twitter, etc. leave links here), while also helping teach young songwriters and instrumentalists how to hone their craft.  Roger will be taking the music of “Start Over” throughout the US and India in 2016.

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