Raising funds for the new album!

So I’ve been reviewing the timeline for the album, and I’m amazed at how close the actual release is getting! It’s finally in sight, and it’s almost hard to believe. We’ve been working on this project since December of 2010.

We released “Beacon” as a single just a couple weeks ago. Check it out here:http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/rogerjaeger

Also, we started a Kickstarter campaign online to help raise funds for the album. Take a look:

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A Day Of Small Beginnings

Well, I’ve missed my month mark by one day, but here it is!

A lot happened in the month of May –

I took a break from Nashville writers nights and went on a two-week tour of Pennsylvania with my good friend from India, Jose Joseph, as part of our duo “Jose and Jaeger.” I donned the sitar and an Indian scarf and spent many hours trying to be comfortable sitting on floors. It was awesome! I made many new friends, reconnected with some old ones, and had many a good conversation. I was sad to leave that state, and am determined to visit again soon.

The last two weeks in Nashville I’ve spent back at the songwriter’s grind: playing more writers nights and open mics, meeting people, co-writing songs, and trying to find ways to make some cash from music itself. I made a call to a local Indian restaurant to see if they wanted some live sitar music and got offered a job filling up water glasses. It was pretty funny, though there was also the temptation to become offended and bitter.

Some days here I feel encouraged. Some days I feel the opposite. I get impatient. I want things to progress faster than they are. I want to see a quicker turn-around in my investments. But I’ve heard a snippet of wisdom several times lately: “Don’t despise the day of small beginnings.” You’ve got to start somewhere, right?

It’s a journey, after all. Thank you for sharing it with me.


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Nashville, TN

I lived in this town once. I was 18 and then 19. Amazing things happened here during that year, things that changed my life forever.

Since 2006 I have made many trips back to Tennessee, with a question always subtly in my heart- “Will I move back? Should I move back?” I wrestled with it from many angles. School. Music. Friendships. Life purpose. But I also wrestled with it from a place of fear. I was afraid that somehow my life had failed by moving away and would continue to fail by not returning. It was a lie, of course. But lies can seem so real, especially when they are supported by what seems like evidence- the “success” of peers, the lack of dreams realized in our own lives.

So at some point I surrendered it. I think I’m even still in a process of surrendering it. I have come to know that music does not define me. My identity was never meant to be wrapped up in what I do, or even where I am, but in knowing that I’m a son who is loved by and in relationship with his Creator, his Father.Image

And so here I am. This is a new chapter. I’m excited to see what it brings.

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Songs and more songs

So I’m listening to some songs right now that I’ve been working on recording for two years, with my good friend, Patrick Graves. This process really is amazing. There were days where it felt like it was getting nowhere… where I wondered if we ever really would finish. There were days when I wondered how in the world we would make it work… Could my voice hit those notes? Could I play electric guitar like that? Could I play the piano on time with the track? Were these even good songs? Who would listen to them???

But as I’m listening back I’m pretty pleased. They are by far the best recordings I’ve done yet. And that’s really what we hope for as musicians, I think. I want to see progress. There’s a knowing that I haven’t really “arrived” at some state of perfection, in my playing, in my songwriting, in my performing. But I can look back at the last record I recorded, or pull up a youtube video from 2008, and honestly say that I know I’ve improved since then.

I like that.

Also, I just spent a couple weeks in India in February. Here’s a teaser photo, taken by the talented Shine Phinao:


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Well, hello!

It’s the last day of January! And I promised myself that I’d post a new blog before it’s over. I have sat down several times and tried to write a sort of reintroduction, an explanation as to why it’s been nearly two years since I last posted on here, but they all felt so serious and I kept trying to rewrite. So maybe that thunderous, riveting post will come next, but here’s a basic update for now!

  1. I’m still alive!
  2. I spent nearly two years recording an EP, and it will be out soon!
  3.  I’m writing new songs.
  4.  I played roughly 37 gigs in 2012.
  5. I’m going to India in February to write songs in Hindi. I have no idea what to expect.
  6. I’m going to write at least one blog every month this year. Yes!
  7. I’m enjoying life again.

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Flakes: Part 2

It’s pretty apparent that fears can hold us back from really moving forward with our music. I’d like to take some time and address the three specific fears named in my previous blog.

Truth #1: We need risk. 

What if you don’t give it your all? Would you be satisfied with that? If music is just a hobby for you, then maybe the occasional coffeehouse gig is fantastic.

But for me, I think I’d feel like the person who never ventures outside of their house because they’re too afraid that they’ll get hit by a car on the street or that some other horrific thing will occur.

It appears that historically, great advancements weren’t made without risk, without trudging forward into some kind of uncertainty. Just look at any famous historical figure, really: Copernicus, Martin Luther, the American forefathers, Gandhi ji, Harriet Tubman; the list goes on and on.

OK, so maybe your musical endeavors don’t feel quite as noble as most of these people and what they pursued, but you get the idea, right? I mean, study up on Mozart or Beethoven a little. Those guys had to put themselves through risk also!


Truth #2: We can’t do it alone.

This extends into most everything else we do. We have relationships with others for a reason.

We can try and do it all on our own for a while, but once we get to a certain point, we may find it difficult to keep everything together. I’ve been my own salesman, booking agent, manager, songwriter, performer, designer, bookkeeper, and budgeter. Sure, it’s possible. But after I’ve spent 30+ hours a week researching and contacting venues for a two-week tour I find it difficult to really give the life and effort into playing music at home, let alone try to initiate the songwriting process. My musicality suffers because I’m wearing too many hats and balancing too many things.

If I’m going to take things up a level, I need help!


Truth #3: Often, the things worth the most are those that you suffer for.

Our favorite historical figures mentioned earlier also suffered for their pursuits. We have a tendency to think of them as God-like: well-calculated in all their moves, never missing a beat. But it seems that way because we know their stories. The truth is that they were regular people, just like you and me. They didn’t know what each of their actions and decisions would bring about, but they put the time and effort in for their various fields, and some even suffered persecution.

We also must put forth time and effort.

We’ll never know where we can go if we don’t take the risk.

Let’s enter the uncertainty.

Help bring, immerse a couple of memories wrote!
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No upcoming shows scheduled

Roger Jaeger

Roger Jaeger is a singer/songwriter/instrumentalist based in Nashville, TN.

After a long journey spanning two continents, discovering heartache and joy, enduring sickness and healing, laying down dreams and picking them up again, he is preparing to release his full-band debut album, “Beacon.” As his first release since 2004, it has been a long-time coming. The songs stay very true to Jaeger’s own life experiences, dealing largely with brokenness and recovery.

Booking through booking@rogerjaegermusic.com
Or Leave a message at: (615) 669-7240

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For booking or any other information, fee free to get in touch!

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